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Her real name is Albina, her parents called her that way on August 5 in Azerbaijan in the city of Baku. However, it turned out that I was in this magnificent town
shortly. Already in the first class I went to the Russian Federation, in a small simple town in the Vladimir region. Later my father and mother also moved, fearing that in connection with the social and political events held in the city. And this in no way could guarantee my and my sister's security. The resettlement was very difficult for my family.
It took all to leave the house and arrive in the Russian
federation with almost empty hands. I had to live in a part of an old wooden building with one more family. So I lived, 9 people in 2 rooms, without any modern amenities, including a water pipe.

Albina - the newest manifestation in the Russian scene. Artist-wagon, not only the writer of the lyrics of his own songs, but also a highly professional dancer.