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Alexey Uzenyuk was born on July 9, 1994 in the city of Novosibirsk. At age 13 began a hip-hop career, this is the age when he first hit the battle. After that, he was known as a butler, but only in narrow circles.
Then he began to devote more time to the studio work. In 2009, Allj assembled his home studio and tried to record his first tracks, which eventually received public approval.
Alexey himself writes tracks and independently processes them, being at the same time a student of a medical school. Soon, due to lack of time, he quits his studies. Eljey said that he tried in life and school, university, work, but he believes that anyone can not find himself in life, then he needs to do work, the university.
Eljey: "I still found myself with a yuk, I had something to occupy my head, what to strive for, and I still see the way to go to."
Popularity began to come from 2013, when she began actively releasing albums and singles. And already in 2015, popularity has grown to a huge size, so that Alex begins to give concerts.
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